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Applications Software 

Database Design Final Project


I chose to submit database design final project as evidence for my Applications Software program ability. Database design was a challenging class that introduced a lot of new concepts. Before taking this class, my understanding of databases was limited to the belief that it was a simple program sitting in the cloud that just stored information. Over time, I learned how vital databases are to the existence and functionality of the web and business. I also learned how poorly managed databases can lead to integrity issues and bad user experiences.


Database management systems and the ability to program queries in languages like MYSQL is a very desireable qualification today. Understanding applications like MS Access, Oracle, and IBM DB2 are vital to anyone seeking a career in software developemnt. I found the complexity of database management to be extremely interesting and challenging. It's important for a computer science student to understand how data is accessed and organized over the web and through networks. I now understand how relationships, data integrity, and reports are vital to making sense of the information stored in databases.


As I continue my education and career, the foundations established at Tunxis in database design will serve as solid building blocks for a lifetime of learning. Being able to connect data sources for web applications and run queries from functions are skills that I believe are absolutely vital for me to master. Experience with database management systems and SQL languages are very important in ensuring that I am well-rounded in application software.

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The second criteria for mastery of application software is the creation, publication, and maintenance of a website. This skill goes hand in hand with my work experience. You can visit the work experience section for more detailed information.


I created a website for my final design project in my web design and development class. I chose to design a website for an upcoming business venture with a partner providing web consulting services. This website involved a lot of CSS formatting, HTML, and some javascript and PHP. It includes some embedded web video and fonts provided via Google API. This assignment required all of the coding to be completed in Notepad. This was very different for me because I am used to development environments that provide live design views and color coded syntax. I believe that it helped me pay more attention to detail and improved my ability to find errors without relying on software to do the work for me. We were also required to ensure that the website complied to XHTML standards and Internet Explorer's best practices. This required me to change a lot of my bad habits developed in a webkit, HTML5, CSS3 friendly browser to conform to IE's standards. This is important because IE remains the world's most used browser. I will certainly take a lot of the information I learned in this class with me because I hope to have a career in web development in the future.



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