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Plan a Web Strategy


Craft a Mission Statement


What products or services will your site provide?


  • A wide selection of art supplies, primarily for those who specialize in popular contemporary work such as comics and graffiti art.

What elements are of primary importance?


  • Quality of the product
  • Prices for each medium
  • Offer a vast selection with various options
  • Make the buying process simple and pleasant

 Indicate elements that are of secondary importance:


  • Recommendations tailored to each shopper's interests and past transactions
  • Providing help for new customers or those who need guidance on which products are optimal for their specific needs

 Write one or two sentences that summarize your site’s purpose:


Space Cat Art Materials is a brand of art supplies that have been crafted to fit the personal needs of each artist.  This website will sell these art supplies and help artists find exactly what they need based on their specific interests.


Craft those sentences into a rough mission statement:


  • Space Cat Art Materials offers quality art supplies at an affordable price, catering to the evolving themes of contemporary artists in the ever-changing world of art.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.