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Greetings and Salutations!


Welcome to my ePortfolio, I hope you enjoy your stay! My name is Albert Guillermo and I am working towards my Network Administration degree at Tunxis. I can be found online on facebook.


My interests include gaming, Computers, Reading, and hanging out with my friends. If you play League of Legends or Vindictus please look me up in the game. Like most people I am waiting for the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic to be released and i have been playing other MMORPG's in the meantime. I always use the name Descrasnezul.



Now for everyone else....


I was born September 11, 1987. This is my second time going to college. I graduated highschool in 2006, and got married in 2008. Though I am currently divorced as of this year 2011, I have 2 children - Jade and Machiavelli. After getting married I joined the Military. If anything it was a great learning experience that I enjoyed. I did no go overseas but I did recieve training. I got out of the military along with over 6,000 others due to budget cuts. Due to the financial changes I was forced into divorce because of hardship. I now reside in New Britain, CT with my sudo-brother, just trying to get by.


This is my second time taking a programming course but the first time as I said, I am going for Network Administration. My technological sense is stronger than the average person with no college education so I hope that I can accelerate quickly. My dream job is to work for homeland security in their cyber warfare division.

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