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Reflection on General Education and BA Abilities:

► How the knowledge you gained from these assignments helped you in other courses or other areas (co-curricular activities, work experience, etc.)
► How these abilities work TOGETHER to help you be a better student, employee and citizen
► How you will use these abilities in your future plans (transfer, work)


        The most delight inducing aspect of all of these works that have been provided as evidence is that they were worked on independently. By this I mean that I had to do my own research outside of the classroom and then connected the new information to concepts learned in class. I was not handed the information from a book or lecture and I was given more opportunity to learn “outside the box”.

        The amount of time and effort placed into several of these assignments may not have been recognized by few professors but thankfully others are aware of the knowledge I’ve gained and provided encouragement, sometimes unbeknownst to them, that helped me pursue the rest of my classes and activities without backing out. I believe I have become more adept at writing, researching, drawing conclusions and appreciating the relationships between courses than if I had not maintained a strong moral code for myself as a student.

        I found work provided in the World Cultures and Perspectives, Communication, Aesthetic, and Critical Thinking areas to be deeply insightful to my perceptions of the world. Inwardly the work also helped me to understand what people are looking for with these assignments- more connections between conclusions. 

         As an employee within the school I apply more of my business related knowledge then general education abilities by analyzing situations and making decisions to unexpected problems with gusto. Internally the rules and regulations of the Computer Lab are important to keep a clean and welcoming atmosphere, and externally the economics of businesses that provide goods and services continually affects the flow of work for students. Having no wireless distressed many students over the summer and understanding the problem to explain to students was a far smarter option than claiming “I don’t know”. Sometimes though, the skills developed through Information and Technology Abilities improve the solutions I offer to people, my knowledge of various avenues of service provided students with more options than to go home. My knowledge of Microsoft Office was very helpful during the summer when many students were taking computer courses as well.

        I intend to continue developing these numerous skills in the future as a student and employee.

        The knowledge I gained in each class often helped understandings in another class. It is amazing, the feeling of clairvoyance when sitting in a class and the ‘sudden’ realization of a connection from one class to another crosses what were previously thought to be two completely unrelated classes. Being able to Statistics to public Speaking to present more reliable and trustworthy evidence, or Marketing with Art or Sociology where emotions and culture play a large role in outsider’s perception is still astounding.

        Learning the reality of some classes like Marketing, Finance and Accounting makes me keep in mind that there’s always more to be learned. Many students enter a class thinking they understand “the gist”, and that is usually the first thing stomped out. Think marketing is all about advertising?? Think again! Personally I found both economics classes to be far less drab than expected. Finance and Accounting weren’t just number games anymore either, they now have my justified interest because of their relation to important business decisions now and for the future.

        I find Aesthetic Engagement and Communication to be like relatives; like in Art History or World Literature, and Information and Technology to be even closer relatives with everything at your fingertips-both papered and virtual.

        These abilities fit together like puzzle pieces, where sometimes to express or understand a messages more than one ability has to be used.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.