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Fulfil an Educational Goal

Finish last class to attain Business Administration Degree at Tunxis Community College.



Maintain a Higher Education

Begin classes at CCSU to obtain a Bachelors in Management. I will also continue part time school at Tunxis and my work as Lab Assistant in IT Department. My purpose in staying at Tunxis is to earn certificates in Marketing and Retail Business Management.

Participate in extracurricular clubs.



Experience the Real World

To have a job with a strong company that will maintain and guide my interest in Management is a future goal that has not wavered since my research on the TJX Companies.

Develop Interests and Skills

A company that encourages education and therefore provides training beyond the initial hire will be best to continue enhancing my skills and abilities within the company. Also, with my continued interest in Baking and Pastry Arts an organization that has some form of an 'Employee Scholar Program' will be important. 


I hope, like many, to become financially stable to the point of living comfortably.

A home for a pet and myself must be attained.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.