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Information Literacy

  • Understands the purpose, authority and relevance of information sources.
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In Composition 2 students were expected to write on a topic of their choice for a 10-15 page research paper and present it in a portfolio with other work done throughout the semester. Below is the final product of my major research paper on Nutrition in Schools.


Implementing Stronger Nutrition Standards in Schools.doc


Impl.Stronger Nutri.Stand.in Schools-Works Cited.doc


To complete this essay several sources for information were needed because the topic of our choosing would not have evidence provided in our textbook. Three articles had to be analyzed for their content and credibility for the topic of choice, mine being Increased Nutrition in Schools. I found my preferred source provided examples through research of a well-rounded nature. Using several locations across the country to show how schools have made the switch to healthy school lunches --with success—greatly improved my knowledge and ability to write on this topic.

A ‘Thank You’ to Amy Joyner for the phenomenal effort placed in the nation-wide study, and the in-depth yet plausible look at specific ways schools could adjust their lunch programs for more youth wellness. Also, for being a reliable source leading me to others that further enhanced my essay.

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