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Greetings All,


You have found the portfolio for Amanda Scagliola's Associates Degree in Business Administration. This portfolio is a summation of some work from my Business Administration and General Education Abilities courses at Tunxis Community College. The purpose is to review my understanding of the topics learned and their application to the business world. Several pieces of work have been offered in each noted ability with explanation for their use as evidence.


Program Abilities include topics that relate to the Business Administration Degree.

General Education Abilities are the college's set standards for general courses at Tunxis and are used to assess ten factors of students' abilities.


Currently you are at the Introduction page. You will find availability to the other sections of this portfolio marked above as: 'About Me','Program Abilities', and ' General Education Abilities'.

In the 'About Me' area I share with viewers my professional goals, a résumé, and a contact form.

Feel free to send respectable inquiries using the contact form. Thank you for your time.

Amanda Scagliola

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.