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Critical Thinking

  • Identifies and explains relationships, draws and justify reasonable inferences and conclusions; demonstrates evidence of insight through reflection.
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Our final assignment in the class instructed each student to research an author from the various texts we covered in class.

Write a research paper that answers the question what are the forces that shape this individuals art and how?

World Lit 2 Goethe research paper.doc

World Lit 2 Goethe Research Works Cited.doc



Despite my World Literature II class being mostly lecture I found the class still took the time to assess my ability to use critical thinking skills with other abilities. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was my focus for the essay, a man of many (unanticipated) flavors. He made an interesting subject to draw conclusions from his personal life to his work since he studied both poetry and science, and by force, law. He seemed to write seamlessly from real life events, like relationship conflicts. The information gained on this individual was more interesting and curious than I could have ever expected, without further research the anthology would have never brought me to such related conclusions of his work as I found. He influenced Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, with poetry! 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.