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  • Uses basic techniques of the medium to communicate in assigned task
  • Applies discipline-specific and/or professional techniques to communicate in assigned task



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In my Public Speaking class we were prompted to perform several speeches, both impromptu and planned. The following is my evidence of a 'planned' speech that was intended to inform my audience about the positive and negative sides of oatmeal.

The speech topic I chose was based off of an AARP magazine ad...

My public speaking class did not make recordings, instead a brief transcript of my speech is given below:

PblSpk InformSpch outline.doc


Here is the graded rubric for the Informative Speech on Oatmeal:

Informative Speech Rubric w. Grade.pdf



For each speech we were directed to present in the front of an auditorium style classroom, using verbal and nonverbal communication techniques within a time limit. The topics I presented for the ‘planned’ speeches turned out to have some relation to food. This second topic interested me because of my curiosity to see the truth of what the physician (in the image above) said, my prior interests of food in the food service industry, and to compare with what I learned in my Introduction to Nutrition class. I had originally intended to project the image that sparked my curiosity to the class, but instead chose to read it out loud in consideration of the time limit. I tried to project clearly, organize my thoughts with an outline, and practice enough beforehand to feel more natural informing my classmates. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.