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Family and Pets:

    • My mother is well educated and is my greatest motivator for education
    • My father owns his own business repairing forklifts
    • My siblings have experience in electronics, manufacturing, and military service; all of which have influenced my knowledge
    • I live in a house where pets, most usually, out number humans
        • Above is my dwarf hamster Peter!
        • Also in the house are four cats, a Jack Russel Terrier, and an assortment of small fish



    • I enjoy participating in school clubs and hope to make more time in the future for more volunteer activities
    • Extensive reading late at night, sometimes with hot cocoa, interests me


    • Graduated Class of '09 from Farmington High School,
    • ..With a certificate in Culinary from Bristol Technical Education Center
    • Degree in Business Administration at Tunxis Community College
    • .. and Certificates in Retail Business Management and Marketing Management
    • Goal: Continue Business education at Central Connecticut State University
    • Long-Term Goal: Earn a Masters Degree


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.